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QSP Exclusive Penguin Plus Knife QS130XL Gray Jigged Titanium M390

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Available 12/15/2022 8PM ET.

Inspections are complete! These knives are absolutely perfect. The quality is terrific. I can't wait to get these out into everyones hands and to hear your thoughts. 

Blades: 1.

Closed Length: 4.50".

Open Length: 7.875". 

Width: .425".

Handle Material: Gray Jigged Titanium.

Handle Length: 4.50". 

Handle Height: 1.19".

Blade Styles: Sheepsfoot. 

Blade Material: Bohler M390.

Blade Thickness: .13".

Blade Length: 3.375". 

Blade Height: .95".

Blade Finish: Satin. 

Opening: Ceramic Ball Bearings.

Deployment: Pinch, Thumb Stud, Flipper Tab.

Lock Type: Frame Lock.

Weight: 4.20 oz. 

Pocket Clip: Titanium.

Manufactured By: QSP.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mike Stephens
Sweetest Penguin ever

Beautiful and useful knife. Action is buttery smooth, and ergonomics are awesome. Blade came razor sharp. Overall, the knife is thin, and the jigged titanium is flawless. Really happy with my purchase and the service from C. Risner will keep me coming back. Just ordered the QSP Hawk with aluminum foil carbon fiber scales. Can't wait till it arrives.

Sean Shutler
In my opinion, this is by far the most beautiful Penguin I've ever seen

There are a lot of Penguin models out there. Like, a ton. If you have not looked for this knife model in particular, just about every knife seller has some sort of exclusive model, which is usually the Penguin with some fancy scales and maybe a tiny upgrade in blade steel. I have a regular sized penguin, and hands on the larger size, so I have been holding off on the perfect XL. I did a lot of research, and still couldnt decide on which one I wanted, until I found out about this one. I had to have been one of the first people to buy the knife when it went live. I was smashing the refresh button until I could add it.

You can look elsewhere, but I can save you the hassle right now and tell you that this one is the absolute best of the best Penguin XL's there is. Hands down. hard stop.

Not only are we treated to a very, VERY nice M390 blade steel, but the jigged titanium is... mmmm.... *chef's kiss* perfection. If this were made by a renaissance master, it would look exactly like this one, and be displayed in the Louvre. It is such a beautiful scale design that I purchased an additional knife from TPK with the same beautiful scales. I am so happy to have added this knife to my collection, and look forward to more works of art from TPK. Thanks again for the super speedy shipping!

Wayne Horne
QSP Penguin Plus QS130XL

Very pleased with my purchase! My knife was shipped fast, and secure. The blade is scary sharp, with no blade play. The centering got off, but that will be a easy fix, with a little blue loctite. I love the Jigged Titanium scales. This knife is pure perfection!

David Ricciardi

The fit and finish are beautifully done. A great addition to my collection. By far the best version I’ve seen for this particular knife.