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Knife Care

All you need to know about taking care of your knife!

All knives we carry are made sharp and made to stay sharp. Please be careful when you open, use, or sharpen them! Our knives are designed to be tools, not toys or weapons. We do not want anybody to be hurt with our products and we take no responsibility for the wrongful use of them. Please be careful. 


Taking care of your knife: Lubrication and Cleaning

The old adage "Oil the joints" is a good one for any folding knife. KPL™ (Knife Pivot Lube) is a knife oil and synthetic lubricant designed specifically for the pivot mechanisms in folding or pocket knives. Apply the oil lightly around the tangs or pivot point of your knife at least once a month, which will add to the long life of your knife.
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The joint lubricating session is also a good time to clean your knife as well. A bent pipe cleaner, dipped in the same oil that is used to lubricate the knife, can be used to clean the pocket lint and dirt that can accumulate inside the knife`s liner and back spring. Just open the blade, wet pipe cleaner inside the liner and along the back spring and follow up with a dry bent pipe cleaner to absorb the excess oil. Unless the knife is very dirty, tis procedure should be enough. Repeat this process if necessary. 


Any rust resistant steels should not tarnish if properly used. Under certain extreme conditions tarnishing of the blade may result. To slow this process, we recommend a light coating of the same oil that is used to lubricate the knife`s joints. If the knife is to be used to cut food, however, a "non-gumming" vegetable oil like olive oil or cannoli oil should be used. 

Some knives come with leather sheaths. We recommend that paste shoe polish be used, at least once or twice a year, to preserve them. Just shine them like you shine your shoes. 


There are any number of excellent ways of sharpening a knife. One of the easiest and most effective ways we have found is ceramic crock sticks. Used as directed, these sticks can put a sharp edge on a knife quickly and safely. In fact, we use them at our store. For "touch-ups" in the field, we have found that a small ceramic field sharpener is both handy to carry and does a fine job. 

Our knives are made to give you satisfaction for many years. Use them with pride and confidence that you own one for the best traditional pocket knives made anywhere in the world.