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German Eye Brand

The Connection: C. Risner Cutlery & German Eye Brand Cutlery

Since 1978, Mr. Risner has sold Eye Brand knives. Having a friendship with Mr. Burns from Buck Creek assisted in Mr. Risner`s start of selling Eye Brand knives. 

Mr. Risner started freelancing with Buck Creek and Indianhead knives (Solingen knives) from Mr. Burns (owner of Buck Creek). After five or six years of buying knives from Mr. Burns, he recommended Mr. Risner to Mr. M.F. Cruse in Texas. At this time, Mr. Cruse was the importer of all Eye Brand knives. In 1991, Mr. Risner took over the Eye Brand franchise. 

Mr. Risner called Mr. Cruse personally to give him his first order of Eye Brand knives. Mr. Risner sold Kissing Cranes, Bulldogs, Bertrams, Henckles and Guttmans (Hen&Rooster). After taking over the Eye Brand franchise in 1991, Mr. Risner dealt directly with Eye Brand in Solingen, Germany.

German Eye Brand History

All German Eye Brand knives are made in Solingen, Germany. All blades are hammer forged. This compacts the steel, improving the quality of the steel. The blades used in the German Eye Brand cutlery are of two types, high carbon or crucible and stainless. The high carbon or crucible steel takes a good edge and holds it, and is easy to sharpen. The stainless steel is harder, and this takes more effort to sharpen. The stainless steel blades do not rust. All knives are handcrafted. Each knife is assembled by hand! Eye Brand uses plastic composition, bone, stag and mother of pearl for handles. Yellow plastic being the most common and favored color. Just a durable, hefty using knife for the everyday worker.

German Eye Brand knives can be found in the hands of men all over the United States. They can be found from men who purchased the knives back in the late 1970`s and are still using that same knife today. That is a statement of just how strong these knives are. The passion, work and dedication that is put into the craftsmanship of the Eye Brand knives is unreal. Mr. Risner and his grandson, Austin continue to sell Eye Brand knives.

Why German Eye?

Quality! The quality of the hammer forged steel, the handles and the whole make up of the knife is nothing but solid. When you first pick up a German Eye Brand knife, right away you will notice that the knife is meant for using. A great knife for everyday carrying. People love the plastic handles, especially the yellow ones. Ranchers out in Texas snatch these up. The blades retain their edge throughout mass amounts of use. Drop the knife on concrete, drop the knife in water, run over the knife, whatever torture and use you put a German Eye Brand knife through, it will withstand the tests. 

German Eye Brand knives are mainly meant for using. There are few Eye Brand knives that can be used to accumulate into a collection. These knives usually include handles made of stag and mother of pearl. The collection will depend on what the person has an interest for.