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TPK Rewards Program

Do you like buying knives? Do you like saving money and getting rewarded for buying knives?
Then join the TPK Rewards Program and get in-store credit every time you buy! You'll get your first 500 points just for signing up. No fees, no spam, just great rewards for buying the knives you love!

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How it works:

1) Create an account with the above link

2) Start earning points back when you buy knives

3) Redeem your points on future purchases


How to earn points:

100 Blade Bucks = $1 Store Credit

-Create an account (500 Blade Bucks)

-Buy Knives! (4 Blade Bucks for every $1 spent)

-Follow us on Instagram (100 Blade Bucks)

-Review your purchase (100 Blade Bucks)