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Indian Head Trademark

C. Risner Cutlery "Indian Head" Trademark

Buck Creek brand knives were initiated and made in Germany for Millard Burns of Burns & Company of London, Kentucky. The company began importing knives in 1968 with one yellow delrin handle stock knife pattern with "Buck Creek" stamped on the tang of each blade. The back of the tang places the origin as Solingen, Germany, where the knives were made to the Burns specifications. 

The Buck Creek name derives from a mountain stream in Eastern Kentucky, near London. 

From 1976 to the mid 1990`s, the Buck Creek "Indian Head" and "Owl's Head" line of knives contained a profile, circular shield. 

Starting in 1978, Clarence Risner (owner of C. Risner Cutlery) began a friendship with Mr. Burns (owner of Buck Creek). Mr. Risner began freelancing "Buck Creek" knives and "Indian Head" knives which were all produced for Buck Creek in Solingen, Germany.

The first documented use of the "Indian Head" trademark was in 1974. After the passing of Mr. Burns in the Spring of 1985, Mr. Risner purchased the "Indian Head" trademark. 

From 1986 to the early 1990`s, Mr. Risner continued to produce "Indian Head" knives from Solingen, Germany. 

The most common pattern produced with the "Indian Head" trademark was the three bladed stockman pattern. Mr. Risner also produced several small four bladed congress patterns with the "Indian Head" trademark. Mr. Risner selected handle materials arraying from stag, bone, acrylics and celluloids. All of Mr. Risner's "Indian Head" knives were highly collectible user knives containing high carbon hammer forged steel.

Throughout Mr. Risner's ownership of the "Indian Head" trademark, Mr. Risner leased the trademark to Smoky Mountain Knife Works and Blue Ridge Cutlery. Both SMKW and Blue Ridge Cutlery had several "Indian Head" knives produced in Solingen, Germany and in China. 

The friendship Mr. Risner formed with Mr. Burns would eventually lead Mr. Risner to being the sole importer for the distribution of all German Eye Brand knives in the United States.

The "Indian Head" trademark now belongs to C. Risner Cutlery.

-Austin Jackson
 Owner / C. Risner Cutlery