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QSP Exclusive Hedgehog Knife QS142 Gray Jigged Titanium M390

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Available 12/15/2022 8PM ET.

Inspections are complete! These knives are absolutely perfect. The quality is terrific. I can't wait to get these out into everyones hands and to hear your thoughts. 

Blades: 1.

Closed Length: 3.75".

Open Length: 6.625". 

Width: .50".

Handle Material: Gray Jigged Titanium.

Handle Length: 3.75". 

Handle Height: .85".

Blade Styles: Sheepsfoot. 

Blade Material: Bohler M390.

Blade Thickness: .12".

Blade Length: 2.875". 

Blade Height: .75".

Blade Finish: Satin. 

Blade Grind: Hollow.

Opening: Copper Washers.

Pulls: Pinch / Nail Nick.

Halfstop: Yes.

Backspring: Steel.

Weight: 2.70 oz. 

Manufactured By: QSP.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Stephen Barker
QSP exclusive Hedgehog Knife grey jigged titanium M390

Really beautiful example of the QSP Hedgehog, the grey jigged titanium has a really great look. Fantastic hollow grind on the blade, very premium feeling knife I have over 130 knives, first slip joint !, love it. Got a TPK slip with it that is great quality and fits the hedgehog perfectly, highly recommend


What a beautiful piece!!! This jigged titanium is incredible, the knife has perfect weight and balance and the blade is super thin behind the edge making it a perfect slicer. Absolutely wonderful!!!

frank galgano
A must have slipjoint knife

TPK knocked it out of the park with this exclusive. The scales are titanium with a jig pattern is decorative and serves to also function as a non slip grip. The knife is not bulky whatsoever and it has lanyard holes in it for those that don’t like a pocket sheath. It’s rare to find a slip joint of this value with a lanyard hole in it, which is a plus for my carry. I am going to attach a grey, titanium Lionsteel bead, which will tastefully match the scales. The blade pull on this gentleman’s knife is a 7 with a similar detent closing. It could almost be closed with one hand. But safer to do so with a two hand method. As for the blade itself, it has an amazing true hollow point edge which is scalpel sharp. A superior M390 steel will not allow this knife to chip or crack- I find the heat treats on QSP M390 knives to be fine and maintains a predictable long lasting edge. What else can I say about this knife -value and price could easily be doubled and I still would accept that value. Holding the hedgehog in hand will truly allow you to be a slip joint fan if you’re not one already !

Matt Fortune
QSP Hedgehog TPK Exclusive

Wow! What an amazing knife! The fit and finish on it is fantastic. Hollow grind on the blade is executed to perfection. 1st time purchasing from TPK and I will definitely be a repeat customer. Outstanding service and super fast shipping.

If you want a perfect pocket razor

The long pull compliments the smooth, snappy action. Ergos and pleasant jig pattern are excessively comfortable and the edge is very impressive.
Perhaps the hardware at the end of the handle could be countersunk a bit more but that's a nitpick, overall excellent execution.