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KPL: Triple Combo Pack

All of KPL's Products in one easy-to order package that saves you money!

Recommended Uses:


  • Knives with Bearing Pivots
  • Out-The-Front Knives
  • Automatics (Switchblades)
  • Traditional Folders
  • Ultra-Low Hydraulic Resistance - Extreme Speed

KPL ORIGINAL (15 Weight)

  • Go-To Product for all Knife Lubrication Needs
  • Washer Pivots - Phosphor Bronze, Teflon, Nylon, etc.
  • Large Blades on Bearings
  • Corrosion Prevention

KPL HEAVY (75 Weight)

  • Stay Put Formula for Detent Track Lubrication
  • Large and Heavy Blades
  • Balisong (Butterfly) Knives
  • Extreme Washout Resistant Formula

After over a year of research and testing, KPL has completed its lubricant lineup with an ultralight knife oil lubricant designed specifically for pocketknives.

KPL Ultra-Lite is a 5 WT, fully-synthetic oil made for use in knives anywhere minimum fluid resistance is critical:

    Of course KPL Ultra-Lite includes the same additives that have make our original formula so popular:

    • High Pressure Film Stabilizers to prevent metal-on-metal contact under high loading stresses.
    • Contaminant Encapsulation technology to keep dirt and grit in suspension so they can’t wear away at knife parts.
    • Corrosion Inhibitors to keep rust and oxidation at bay
    • Wickability Modifiers to help KPL quickly penetrate tight spaces so it gets to where it needs to work instantly.
    • Non-Evaporating, non-oxidizing formula won’t dry up, dry out, or gum up inside knives.  Ever!
    • Zero-solids ultra-pure formula includes no solid particulates and won’t settle out over time or cause micro abrasions due to impurities.
    10ml Bottles with Needle applicators.


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