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Jack Wolf Knives Benny's Clip OD Green Canvas Micarta

Blades: 1.

Closed Length: 3.95".

Open Length: 7.00". 

Width: 0.46".

Handle Material: Green Canvas Micarta. 

Handle Length: 3.95". 

Blade Styles: Lanny's Clip.

Blade Material: Bohler M390.

Blade Length: 3.00".

Cutting Edge: 2.70".

Blade Finish: Hollow Grind.

Pulls: Nail Nick.

Pull Strength: 8/10.

Half Stop: Yes.

Integral Bolsters & Liners: 6AL/4V Bead Blasted Titanium.

Pinning Material: Polished Titanium Torx.

Backsprings: 1.

Backspring Material: Stainless Steel.

Weight: 3.1 oz.

Made in: China.

Tube Artwork: Sean Tiffany.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Super Slipjoint

I like slipjoint knives as they bring back the older designs and patterns. This Jack Wolf knife did that admirably, but with modern materials for the blade and handles. It functions as it should and I expect it to last for many years of service.

Jack Wolf Knives Benny’s Clip

I participated in a countdown to 2:00 pm to purchase the knife. That was exciting. At 2:00 pm I rushed to get my order in. I purchased the knife. To my surprise it arrived the next day! The knife was beautifully packaged. It came in an aluminum can that would be awesome to store the knife in. The knife is a beautiful modern slip joint made with titanium and micarta. The knife is really awesome!