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ESNYX Silver Line Beer Buster Front Flipper M390 Black Micarta Bead Blasted Titanium Shield (BBFF-65)

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The Beer Buster is back and ready to Bust more Beer than ever! The ESNYX Beer Buster Front Flipper has everything you need to succeed in life: a satin finished M390 blade and a bottle opener! Kick back in your living room or at the camp site with your favorite brew and you'll always stay sharp and hydrated with the ESNYX Silver Line Beer Buster Front Flipper!


Blades: 1.

Closed Length: 4.08".

Open Length: 7.10". 

Width: .45".

Handle Material: Black Micarta.

Handle Length: 4.08". 

Handle Height: 1.00".

Blade Styles: Sodbuster Drop Point. 

Blade Material: M390.

Blade Thickness: .11".

Blade Length: 3.02". 

Blade Height: .625".

Blade Finish: Hand Rubbed Satin. 

Pulls: Nail Nick / Grooved Top Flipper.

Hardware Material: Titanium.

Shield: Bead Blasted Titanium Bottle.

Lock Type: Liner Lock.

Weight: 2.57 oz. 

Pocket Clip: Titanium / Tip-Up.

Designed By: Evan Nicolaides / Best New Maker Blade Show 2019. 

Manufactured By: Reate.

Release Date: March, 2024.

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