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Divo Knives Lush Fat Carbon Lava Flow

Are you ready to step into the retro-futuristic world of the synth wave?! Introducing the coolest locking pocket knife that's straight out of a cyberpunk dream! The Lush from Divo Knives is super sleek and features a beautiful hollow ground, machine satin sheepsfoot blade which comes in S90V! It's like having a piece of the neon-lit cityscape right in your pocket! Whether you're exploring the streets at night or just want to add a touch of retro-cool to your everyday carry, the Lush is the perfect pocket knife for you.

$199.00 - Free Shipping

Blades: 1.

Closed Length: 4.00".

Open Length: 7.00".

Width: 0.47".

Handle Material: Fat Carbon Lava Flow.

Blade Styles: Sheepsfoot.

Blade Material: S90V.

Blade Length: 3.00".

Cutting Edge: 2.75".

Blade Finish: Machine Satin Hollow Grind.

Blade HRC: 59-61.

Pulls: Double Sided Long Fuller / Nail Nick, Front Flipper.

Integral Bolsters & Liners: 6AL/4V Titanium.

Lock: Bolster Lock.

Hardware: Polished Titanium Torx.

Backspacer Material: Titanium.

Clip: Stainless Steel Wire Clip, Reversible, Tip up.

Weight: 2.9 oz.

Made by: Kansept Knives.

Customer Reviews

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Jeremy F.


Joe G.
Best bang for your buck!

The divo lush is an absolute beast of a deal. S90v, titanium & fat carbon for under $200. It's a steal & the craftsmanship is top notch. Don't even get me started on the action. It's ridiculously smooth. Get 1 before it's too late.

Chef R.
So Good

One of my all time knives for the price range. Beautiful looks, sexy lines, and a dangerous blade. Love to you and yours From @chef_rockyc

Cory K.

I love this knife. The build is impeccable. Such a great value for what you get. The materials and blade steel are excellent for the money. Hopefully they do another run because I highly recommend this knife and I want anyone who missed out to be able to pick one up.

richard m.

Divo Knives Lush Fat Carbon Lava Flow