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C. Risner "Ohio River Jack" Knife

01/27/2022 Update: We are currently waiting on the second revision prototypes to arrive in a few days. The second prototypes will include a flush spine along with sharper and stronger walk and talk. Once the second prototypes arrive, I will provide pictures along with a video. Once I approve the second prototypes, the knives will begin to be made. I am shooting for a mid-summer release. Thank you all for the support!

Ohio River Jack Project: We are beyond proud to announce our very first Traditional Modern Slipjoint design, the "Ohio River Jack" knife. This knife features a clean, straight, and simple body style with two full length blades. This knife has an overall closed length at 3.75" and an overall open length at 6.68". The perfect size for an "EDC" style knife. This knife is designed to be extremely useful, built to endure any test, and built with the highest quality

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Price and availability date are unknown at this time. We are shooting for the release to be around January / February 2022. We are currently waiting for product samples (prototypes) to be made and then shipped to us. Once we receive the product samples, adjustments will be made if needed. After carefully inspecting and reviewing the product samples, the order will then be placed to produce 100 of these knives. 


1 of 100 knives.

Overall Closed: 3.75". 

Overall Open: 6.68".

Blade Lengths: Spear Blade: 2.93", Wharncliffe Blade 2.87".

Blade Material: Bohler M390 steel, satin finish.

Blade Thickness: .118".

Handle Material: Natural Canvas Micarta.

Handle Thickness: .67".

Half Stops: Both Blades.

Bolster and Liner Material: Titanium.

Manufacturer: QSP.


KnifeNews Article:

The Design:

The design is based off of two Schatt&Morgan Cutlery knives. The Schatt&Morgan Cutlery Presidents Choice 4th Edition: Baby Sunfish and the Schatt&Morgan Cutlery Keystone Series #17 #042197 Horticulturists Knife.


The Name:

Having been born, raised, and currently living in Ohio; Ohio means the world to me. As a kid, I remember spending my summers in the waters of Ohio. And even as an adult, I love the time away from the daily grind of life and spending time in the waters. 

The Purpose:

We wanted to design a knife that has never been seen before. We wanted to combine several traditional patterns into a design that is unique and serves a purpose. The knife will be extremely useful, collectible, and meant to be carried with pride. The materials used in this design are the best the market has to offer.

Current prototype pictures without tang lasering: