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Lake Champlain Barlow: Clip Point - CamoCarbon Toxic Green

The 2nd original design from Austin Jackson, the Lake Champlain Barlow is named after the Essex-class carrier USS Lake Champlain CV-39. This mighty ship is the carrier Clarence Risner (founder of C. Risner Cutlery and Austin's Grandfather) served onboard during his time in the U.S. Navy. Built tough, just like the ship, the Lake Champlain Barlow features two different blade options and multiple different handle options.

$199.99 Shipped

Blades: 1.

Closed Length: 4.25".

Open Length: 7.75". 

Width: .47".

Handle Material: CamoCarbon Toxic Green. 

Blade Styles: Clip Point.

Blade Material: M390.

Blade Length: 3.50".

Blade Stock: .11".

Cutting Edge: 3.00".

Blade Finish: Hand Finished Hollow Grind.

Pulls: Double Sided Long Oval Thumbnail.

Pull Strength: 7/10.

Half Stop: Yes.

Integral Bolsters & Liners: 6AL/4V Bead Blasted Titanium.

Hardware: Polished Titanium.

Backsprings: 1.

Backspring Material: Stainless Steel.

Weight: 3.3 oz.

Designed By: Austin Jackson, Owner of C. Risner Cutlery.

Made By: QSP.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Alessio T.
Lake Champlain Barlow

Arrived today after a long wait. The knife is a wonderful surprise, in photos and videos it was eye-catching but in person it is gorgeous. Beyond aesthetics, all the materials are top quality and well assembled. The handle is ergonomic with zero "hot spots", holding it fills the hand well and does not tire it when used. The blade is Bowie-shaped (clip point) which uses m390 steel that is super resistant to corrosion while maintaining a long-lasting edge. Needless to say, it comes as sharp as a scalpel. I used it for a few hours on various tasks just to gain confidence in processing food, opening boxes, cutting cardboard, cordage and even carving. It exceeded all my expectations and despite being a slipjoint, even with more demanding tasks it proved its sturdiness and solidity. I am very satisfied with this knife, Austin has fused a traditional piece with an American flavor with fresh and modern lines with high tech materials making it harmonious and efficient. I highly recommend it, congratulations Austin

Robby W.

Great full size slipjoint. Came razor sharp with great walk and talk. Would highly recommend