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Lake Champlain Barlow: Clip Point - CamoCarbon Pacific Blue

The 2nd original design from Austin Jackson, the Lake Champlain Barlow is named after the Essex-class carrier USS Lake Champlain CV-39. This mighty ship is the carrier Clarence Risner (founder of C. Risner Cutlery and Austin's Grandfather) served onboard during his time in the U.S. Navy. Built tough, just like the ship, the Lake Champlain Barlow features two different blade options and multiple different handle options.

$199.99 Shipped

Blades: 1.

Closed Length: 4.25".

Open Length: 7.75". 

Width: .47".

Handle Material: CamoCarbon Pacific Blue. 

Blade Styles: Clip Point.

Blade Material: M390.

Blade Length: 3.50".

Blade Stock: .11".

Cutting Edge: 3.00".

Blade Finish: Hand Finished Hollow Grind.

Pulls: Double Sided Long Oval Thumbnail.

Pull Strength: 7/10.

Half Stop: Yes.

Integral Bolsters & Liners: 6AL/4V Bead Blasted Titanium.

Hardware: Polished Titanium.

Backsprings: 1.

Backspring Material: Stainless Steel.

Weight: 3.3 oz.

Designed By: Austin Jackson, Owner of C. Risner Cutlery.

Made By: QSP.

Customer Reviews

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Rod S.
Sailors Delight!

In reference to the knife namesake and to Clarence Risner, this particular version of the Lake Champlain Barlow pays homage to both the mighty warship and the US Navy sailor who served aboard her. Although the USS Lake Champlain (CV-39) sailed primarily in the Atlantic, she also sailed in the Pacific as well, hence the appropriately named “Pacific Blue”! What is not to love about this gorgeous knife? The timeless design is enhanced by the use of superior manufacturing techniques, high end materials and total quality control. The fit and finish is on equal footing with the highly vaunted Jack Wolf knives. The hollow grind clip point blade is as sharp as a razor right out of the box, probably should include a Band-Aid, (a nod to Finch knives)! The generous double-sided nail nick also provides an excellent pinch open option. The CF/titanium transition is flawless, the T8 handle fastener screws are absolutely flush and the pivot screws are countersunk just barely protruding above the bolster. The back spring is completely flush in the closed, half stop and open positions only rising during movement between positions. No gaps anywhere. Superb “walk and talk” with a pull of about 5-6, not too strong, not too light, but just right! In the modern traditional knife genre, this series of knives from TPK/C. Risner stands toe to toe with many of the well established cutlery companies while keeping the price range well within the reach of many who desire a very well made, good looking and fully functional working knife! No matter which of these most outstandin series of knives “catches your fancy”, you will not go wrong! Congratulations to Austin for another winner! Now on to the next one! 👍

Thomas V.
9/10 Knife 10/10 Service

I was so excited for TPKs second OEM release. I ordered this one the minute it was available. The knife is solid, sharp, its got tight tolerances that I expect from QSP. My only gripe was, my CamoCarbon had very little color in it. I reached out to Austin and he was more than accommodating. He worked with me to find a replacement I liked and got it shipped out same day before I'd even dropped of the return to the post office. Some of the best service I've gotten from an online retailer. 10/10 will be telling my other knife friends to order from here.

Marco S.
Lake Champlain Barlow

The Lake Champlain Barlow is absolutely gorgeous, the fit and finish are top notch, and I will be buying the other version as well. The pull is a 5, the walk and talk is great, and the clip point blade looks amazing. My only complaint is the lack of color in the carbon fiber, but that’s always a dice roll when you pick a colored cf. 9.5/10