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Lake Champlain Barlow: Black Leather Slip Large

Top/Bottom Length: 5.50". 

Seam/Seam Width Length: 2.375". 

Slip Material: Vegetable tanned leather. 

Leather Color: Black. 

Access: Easy cut access. 

Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of working with a leather maker/designer in Oregon. These slips are perfect in every way. The leather is vegetable tanned leather which won`t hold moisture. This vegetable tanned leather does not contain any harmful chemicals so the knives will be protected from corrosion or damage. The vegetable tanned leather will overtime stretch to fit any knife. With this slip, you can either squeeze or push to have the knife ready for use!

Using an exclusive blend of waxes, oils and tallows, the leather company hot stuff these leathers to bring out their inherent beauty. Through a traditional process called jack glazing, oils are brought to the surface to create a glossy finish that never mask the leather’s natural grain. As a result, Traditional Harness leather is ideal for equestrian gear, yet, when split to a lower weight, it’s equally suitable for leather goods. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Matt N.
Great slip!

Got one for, you guessed it, the LCB! Great slip, it's not too thick so it doesn't add a lot of unnecessary bulk in the pocket and it forms to the knife very quickly. It's nicely finished and tanned in a way that it's the smoother, less porous style of leather which I greatly prefer in a slip. Even with the tank of an LCB there is maybe an inch of extra material at the top so there's more room for a knife that's bigger yet, or if it bothers you I'm sure you could just trim it down to your preference. Definitely recommend!

Alessio T.
Black leather slip large

Good product, quality leather, well sewn. On the bottom of the case there are two outlets to better remove any lint or impurities that could remain in the case and scratch the knife. Money well spent, I'm inclined to make new purchases.

Tyler J.
Amazing blade

This knife is perfect for me. It checks all my boxes when it comes to slip joints. Priced very fairly sharp AF, I already got a deep cut playing with it. The first of probably mini cause thus knife is built to last.

Timothy N.
Wonderful Craftsmanship

My Lake Champlain black leather slip exceptionally made. I did purchase it for my Lake Champlain Barlow knife, and they make a great team. Both combined are weightless sit easy in my pocket. However I have some other large folding knives that also call the slip home. For the price it is an excellent value, and I highly recommend.

Cody B.
Totally underestimated!

I got my lake Champlain Barlow a few days ago and I was pleasantly surprised in so many ways. Firstly the fit and finish is great the materials are super premium the walk and talk is addictive, and the best part That HOLLOW it’s cutting performance is phenomenal and it’s the only slip joint I’ve ever had that had a long enough blade to handle anything I needed. I immediately ordered a slip and when it gets here it will be the only knife I carry. That for me is a bold statement bc I’m a knife nut and it replaced my Brian brown raptor v2 it’s just so much slicier and my pm2 in 110v bc it’s so much classier. Lastly typically my knives seem to intimidate some people but not the Barlow even women have borrowed it too open things and commented on how nice it was imo the perfect edc.