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Ohio River Jack Single Spearpoint Black Canvas Micarta

Blades: 1.

Closed Length: 3.75".

Open Length: 6.68". 

Width: 0.45".

Handle Material: Black Canvas Micarta. 

Handle Length: 2.50". 

Blade Style: Spear.

Blade Material: Bohler M390 Steel.

Blade Thickness: .118".

Blade Length2.95".

Blade Finish: Satin.

Pulls: Double Sided Long Oval Thumbnail.

Pull Strength: 7/10.

Half Stop: Yes.

Integral Bolster / Liner Material:Titanium.

Pinning Material: Stainless Steel. 

Backsprings: 1.

Backspring Material: Steel.

Weight: 3.00 oz.

Manufacturer: QSP. 

Projected Release Date: September, 2022.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
frank galgano
One of the best slip joints

Such a perfect knife size for the pocket. Very well made with the titanium bolsters and edges of the knife is smooth and comfortable in the hand no hot spots. The width of the knife fill the hand perfectly when opened in comparison to other traditional slipjointnknife sizes that are smaller. You could tell thought was taken during the design and built this knife to fill the hand without being big in the pocket but not too little like some Case or European knives. The black micarta scales complement the look of the knife and are fairly smooth to raised which adds a good grip in the hand as well. The blade metal is perfect as well m390, I chose the drop point instead of warncliff to meet my cut needs. The price point is a little higher than a Lionsteel steel slip joint which make remarkable Italian knives. This knife is comparable in quality but the Ohio River knife offers a little more heft in the hand and can be used for more rugged work while maintaining a classy look but unobtrusive to open in office settings. I have several knives with warncliff but the drop point suits my needs for more heavy duty work if needed. I highly recommend this purchase to add to your collection.
On another note I wish this knife would have a lanyard hole built-in as I can’t find a good pocket slip case that fits the knife due to its width. I have a fox slip joint and another from a custom slip from Etsy but the whole leather case comes out my pocket when taking the knife from my pocket. This is due to its width which is not dramatic but a little wider then. Buck 55. But I still recommend this knife over smaller slip joints and esp in place of Jack knives which are twice the price

First at bat, Home Run out of the park!

Just received my spear point black micarta and it is a beauty. The design, blade shape, and a “Modernovintage” (say it like an Italian cinema snob) aesthetic.

I have three Finch NP knives which are very nice. But the ORJ is a step above in my opinion. It doesn’t have a flipper or glow in the dark logo, or any logo. Just Steve McQueen out there doing its thing.

The ORJ is the perfect pocket size in my opinion. Just large enough to feel substantial in hand, flat profile sits nice in pocket. Pleasantly lightweight, Ti liners/bolster.

Finish is spot on. Nice clean lines and alignment front and back. Nice solid snap.

LOVE the blade shape. No experience with Bohler but no doubt it will serve long and well a blade this type.

I don’t usually get “excited” about knives, but TPK did amazing with this one and I can’t wait to see what’s next!