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Great Eastern Cutlery #620324 Farm&Field Pocket Carver Maple Valley Richlite

The #62 Farm&Field Pocket Carver features a practical design that has proven to be the perfect whittler's knife! The three 1095 Carbon Steel wharncliffe blades will keep you carving long into the night, and again the next day. This beautifully crafted pocket knife is sure to find its way into your EDC rotation, and will last a lifetime of use until it's ready to be passed onto the next generation.

Blades: 3.

Closed Length: 3.75".

Open Length: 7.15". 

Width: .45". 

Handle Material: Maple Valley Richlite. 

Handle Length: 3.75". 

Blade Styles: Wharncliffe, Wharncliffe, Wharncliffe. 

Blade Material: 1095 High Carbon Steel.

Blade Thickness: .0625", .0625", .0625".

Blade Lengths: 2.25", 1.50", 1.50". 

Blade Finish: Satin. 

Pulls: Regular, Regular, Regular.

Pull Strength: 8/10, 8/10, 8/10.

Half Stops: Yes, all. 

Bolster Material: N/A. 

Liner Material: Brass. 

Pinning Material: Brass. 

Backsprings: 2.

Backspring Material: Steel.

Weight: 1.60 oz.

Shield Material: N/A. 

Made In: Titusville, PA. 

Release Date: March, 2024.

Customer Reviews

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GEC 62

I feel strange reviewing limited release knives, but at least you know you’re getting top quality with GEC; three small wharnie blades in this iteration, really great. And though I didn’t get the very cool “banana bone”covers, the Maple Richlite is so much better in person than I had guessed. Great knife from GEC, again. Great, speedy, enthusiastic service from C. Risner Cutlery/TPK.