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Finch Model 1929 Crawdad Tan Jigged Bone

Blades: 1.

Closed Length: 3.50".

Open Length: 6.00". 

Width: .4375". 

Handle Material: Crawdad Tan Jigged Bone.

Handle Length: 2.50". 

Handle Height: .875"

Blade Styles: Clipped Spey. 

Blade Material: 154CM.

Blade Thickness: .125".

Blade Lengths: 3.00". 

Blade Height: .875"

Blade Finish: Satin. 

Pulls: Flip / PinchGrip.

Bolster Material: Steel. 

Liner Material: Steel. 

Lock Type: Liner Lock.

 Weight: 3.10 oz. 

Pocket Clip: Titanium, Satin, Tip Up.

Shield Material: Steel Textured. 

Designed In: Stilwell, KS. 

Manufactured By: QSP.

Release Date: January, 2021.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
I'm hooked. This is my third one

First off, this is a stellar knife. It manages to pay homage to some old most time worn traditional aspects. The heft, girth and length are spot on for a barlow of that size. I really like how they offset the second pass of jigging. It makes a very mechanical pattern seem jumbled or happenstance. It lends a rustic impression that emphasizes the clean precision of everything else.
The color is lovely, very well done.
This is a terrific carry. The fat spey actually draws people in. I've had several compliments on that shape.
I couldn't be more pleased.

This is one classy little flipper.

This is my first Finch knife, and I couldn’t be happier! The jigged bone looks great, the flipping action is crisp and smooth, and the blade length is compliant when I visit nearby cities that have restrictions.

Also, I love the shape of the blade. It is like nothing else in my collection.


Excellent classic with a modern twist superb fit and finish a must have for any collector.


This knife is dope!. Old school stylings with modern technology. It arrived perfectly centered with no blade play. Jig bone scales look great and provide good grip. Ergonomics are comfy. The thin, full flat blade grind is great with a good steel.
The action is rediculloisly smooth on the open and close. The lock is super comfortable to disengage with very little force needed, but seems safe when in use. Nearly drop shut action on closing.
It's easy to take apart and maintain, and clip works well. The flipper tab is small and unobtrusive but functions beautifully with comfortable jimping. Deployment never fails.
I really appreciate the lack of branding on the blade face as it seems much classier than the early versions. This knife is great for the price!
Only thing I would change is the glow in the dark inlay logo. It seems a bit out of place on this piece. An engraved metal inlay would be slick. I also wish it was made in the USA.

Danny C.
very satisfied

I did not want to like this knife. It's made in China for a company in Kansas. It has a pocket clip. So I bought the Holliday first just based on the looks. I have to admit the fit and finish is as good or better than any knife I can afford made in the USA. Given the materials and workmanship, it would probably cost 50% more had it been manufactured here. I'm even giving the clip a chance for the first time on a knife that came with one. You should try it. You might be surprised.