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Finch Lucky 13 Abalone

Blades: 1.

Closed Length: 3.20".

Open Length: 5.60". 

Width: .50".

Handle Material: Abalone.

Handle Length: 3.20". 

Handle Height: .90"

Blade Styles: Wharncliffe / Sway. 

Blade Material: 154CM.

Blade Thickness: .125".

Blade Length: 2.40".

Blade Height: .90"

Blade Finish: Satin. 

Pulls: Flip Open, Nail nick.

Lock Type: Liner Lock.

Weight: 3.50 oz. 

Pocket Clip: Titanium / Tip-Up.

Designed In: Stilwell, KS. 

Manufactured By: QSP.

Release Date: February, 2022.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jeffery S.

Great blade shape to use. Gorgeous scales for sure. This super high quality knife really turns heads. Snappy action with an easy clean horizontal grind. I do wish it had a nail nick on both sides, but that is by no means a deal breaker. Just look at it! Finch has several more releases this year and each upcoming design is desirable. If you want this or any other traditional pocket knife, be sure to consider purchasing it right here on You are assured great customer service, lightning fast shipping and unrivaled packaging. Great job and thanks again.


First off,,, in the name of full disclosure I'm a Finch fan...
The Lucky 13 in Abalone meets all of the Finch standards of quality, fit and finish. Beautifully tuned detent for a sharp deployment. Great lil sheepsfoot blade and arrived very sharp. The transition between the bolster and scale is nearly seamless along with all of the well rounded exterior edges.
As far as its size,,, it's a great little secondary carry very close to the 1929. I can't stay enough good things about them, excellent designs excellent company and thanks to C. Risner Cutlery for offering these so quickly.

This so exceeded even my high expectations

I won't belabor the smooth as silk action, or the satisfying acoustics when opens and closes.
I won't bother saying that this is a terrific blade.
Instead I say the abalone is gorgeous. I own a small collection in LSV abalone.
This blows them out of the water. Very nice looking glass veneer. I've noticed the surface isn't highly polished, and I think that was wise. A high gloss on the resin would interfere with the luster. This allows the light refraction to glow through without surface glare. Big thumbs up. Someone tested this out. I'm sure of it.
Magnificent at this price.
The colors on my show side are heavy purples and blue green. Almost wintery. Never seen anything quite like it.
Anyway I really can't gush enough.
If you ever get a chance to acquire one, don't hesitate. This is that good.

Dillon D.

Finch Lucky 13 Abalone

Fantastic Colors!

The Finch Lucky 13 has some of the best colors I have ever seen in Abalone! The knife itself is amazing Finch quality!!!