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Finch Devil's Finger Red Linen Micarta

Blades: 1.

Closed Length: 4.10".

Open Length: 7.20". 

Width: .40"

Handle Material: Red Linen Micarta.

Handle Length: 4.10". 

Handle Height: 1.00"

Blade Styles: Spear / Drop Point. 

Blade Material: 154CM.

Blade Thickness: .125".

Blade Length: 3.10". 

Blade Height: .90"

Blade Finish: Satin / Stone. 

Pulls: Flip / PinchGrip.

Lock Type: Liner Lock.

Weight: 2.90 oz. 

Pocket Clip: Wire, Reversible.

Designed In: Stilwell, KS. 

Manufactured By: QSP.

Release Date: September, 2021.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great knife! Even better customer service!

Love the Finch Devil's Fingers design. I have a sequoia green and HAD to get the red as it's one of my favorite colors and it really suits the "Devil" theme. As there aren't too many left out there, I was glad that Austin was able to help me out with this one. Just stellar customer service! Thank you once again!!

Paul E.B.
Great design, competent manufacture

I read many gushing reviews. Maybe my expectations were artificially inflated.
Remember that QSP manufactures this for Finch. If a 'first' tier Chinese manufacturer (no names, but collectors know who I mean..) could be cajoled into the job, 5 stars would not be enough.
Finch is a terrific company in all ways a non- manufacturer can be.
Maybe they can lean on QSP to establish a "halo" line like Acura, Cadillac, Lexus, et al, are to Honda, GM, and Toyota.
I think their designs warrant better building.
All that said, I have no complaints.
The action is good, not snotty slick.
The ergos are good, for a few minutes of work.
It is possible I received a threshold unit, the Q.C. on shift made a face, shrugged, and let it slide.
I will be purchasing another Finch knife.

Jessica S.
I love this knife

Perfect for daily tasks. I’ve used this knife every day since I got it and it’s still sharp as can be. Flips really well and holds in the hand perfect without being slippery. Love the color too.

Finch Devil’s Finger

Very happy with Devil’s Finger, perfect size for EDC and excellent service from C. Risner Cutlery as usual!


Full disclosure; I'm a Finch fan. I ordered the Devils Finger on the day of its release. Thanks T.P.K.!!
I keep an eye on their website for release dates. This is a great midsized or for me a secondary carry!
It arrived perfectly centered with a detent that offers a solid deployment. Flipper can be light switched for a sharp "flick" or push buttoned with jimping that's well finished and not overly aggressive.
The micarta scales are unique to the Finch brand, IMO slightly textured and slightly contoured giving a real comfortable purchase. The action on mine had that hydraulic feel that was really
shakeshutty once the lock bar was fully cleared. As far as the blade steel, I like 154. I put my edge on most of the production knives I purchase and 154 sharpens well and takes a beautiful polish. All in all I'm really pleased with this one and consider Finch to be an absolute top notch carry.