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C. Risner Cutlery Chrome Tanned Leather Work Mat w/ Cutout

Mat Top/Bottom Length: 10.50". 

Mat Side/Side Width Length: 12.50". 

Mat Material: Chrome Tanned Leather from Acadia Leather, Maine, USA. 

Leather Color: Chrome/Black. 

Cutout Access: Easy cut access. 

Cutout Top/Bottom Length: 2.00".

Cutout Side/Side Length: 11.50".

Made By: Bryan from Low Tide Leather, USA.

For several years I have had the pleasure working with Bryan, the owner of Low Tide Leather. Bryan has made thousands of handmade pocket knife slips for my company which you all have thoroughly enjoyed and continue to purchase!

Over the last year Bryan and I discussed creating a handmade leather work mat that represented our two companies! We wanted to provide a handmade piece of leather artwork that displayed Bryan's quality craftsmanship. 

I am thrilled to announce our very first run of exclusive leather work mats!

This work mat features a large 12.50" x 10.50" work surface. Most importantly this work mat features a cutout which is perfect to store your knife hardware when you are disassembling and assembling your pocket knife. The cutout features a thick outlining trim which will keep your pocket knife hardware parts secure in one spot!

Customer Reviews

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Edward C.
Black leather mat

I love this mat , great for display, working and taking pictures, awesome edition to my kitchen table.

Dennis D.
Excellent work MattExcellent work Matt

Very nice take down mat that works well and looks nice in the process, what more can you say

Work Mat

Wonderful way to work on my large pocket knife collection. The well in the top is perfect for parts and accessories. Perfect size for a desktop!