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BergBlades Sweeney Fat Carbon Arctic Storm PVD Stonewash

We are extremely happy to add BergBlages as another premier and top quality brand to the TPK site! The Sweeney was born from 3 different BergBlades models. The Frame/Body of the Sweeney came from the Barber (hints the name). The blade came from the Tick but stretched it to fit the Barber frame and the deployment hole came from the SLiM. This knife has a very simple, clean and elegant look that will look good in your suit pocket or jeans.

$335.00 - Dealerwide

Blades: 1.

Closed Length: 4.40".

Open Length: 7.75". 

Width: .55".

Handle Material: Fat Carbon Arctic Storm. 

Blade Styles: Spearpoint.

Blade Material: CPM20CV.

Blade Length: 3.35".

Blade Finish: Flat, PVD.

OpeningCeramic bearings riding on hardened washers.

Integral Bolsters & Liners: 6AL/4V Bead Blasted Titanium.

Lock: Frame/Bolster Lock.

Hardware: Titanium.

Pinning Material: Titanium Torx.

Backspring Material: Stainless Steel.

Weight: 3.4 oz.

Made in: China, Reate.

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