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Ohio River Jack Single Wharncliffe Jigged Titanium

Blades: 1.

Closed Length: 3.75".

Open Length: 6.68". 

Width: 0.45".

Handle Material: Jigged Titanium. 

Handle Length: 2.50". 

Blade Style: Wharncliffe.

Blade Material: Bohler M390 Steel.

Blade Thickness: .118".

Blade Length2.90".

Blade Finish: Satin.

Pulls: Double Sided Long Oval Thumbnail.

Pull Strength: 7/10.

Half Stop: Yes.

Integral Bolster / Liner Material:Titanium.

Pinning Material: Stainless Steel. 

Backsprings: 1.

Backspring Material: Steel.

Weight: 3.7 oz.

Manufacturer: QSP. 

Projected Release Date: September, 2022.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Sean Shutler
A beautiful display of craftsmanship on a solid titanium knife

There are no words. The knife is, in my “humble” opinion, is the most perfect slip joint I’ve handled. It’s great sized, as it fits in my “larger than normal” hands perfectly. It’s beefy, yet slicey M390 is money. I mean, from the wharncliff to the steel (both my favorite) it’s perfection.

The jigging is amazingly beautiful. My wife saw it and said “ooooh pretty” and she is not into knives. Like, at all.

I love the snappy walk and talk. It’s just a great knife, and I honestly cannot believe it wasn’t $100 more.

Dean Adams
A Must Buy

I purchased the Sheeps Foot and Wharncliffe. I don’t know which is my favorite. Perfect size. Fantastic quality. And the Walk-N-Talk is ridiculous. Great addition to my EDC.

Mike C
Unreal! Customer For Life

This knife is an incredible value. It’s beefy and can take an absolute beating. I use it every day and can’t stop looking at the thing! Thick slabs of titanium, beautiful blade, great walk and talk, and stunningly finished. No imperfections at all. Highly recommend this slipjoint. You won’t find one better for the price.

Evan Light
Great modern traditional

I've been very impressed with the Ohio River Jack! The fit and finish is flawless. The jigged ti is very well done and the pattern is beautiful. The walk and talk is crisp and strong. It was shipped and delivered very quickly. Highly recommend!

David C. Zomcik
This knife is incredible!

This knife punches way over its price point. The fit and finish is spot on. The blade is perfectly centered. The walk and talk is great. The pull is a perfect 5. The long pull is on both sides, which makes it very pinchable to open. Very sweet. It has a stop pin which I really appreciate - Nice touch. The blade grind is full flat, but doesn't break through the spine at all, which I really appreciate. No gaps anywhere - WOW. The handle has perfect chamfers on the inside that start and stop where they should, and perfect radiuses on the outside. The jigging pattern is very attractive, and well done. The blade came very sharp as well. The back spring is flush in all three positions! And the titanium has a beautiful glass bead finish, but the spring has a nice satin polish. How did they do that? Amazing. Did I miss anything? Anyway, I almost want to put it on display, and just admire it, but that would be a shame. It gives me sort of an elephant toenail vibe in the hand, but a modern interpretation of it. Get one you will love this knife.