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Rough Ryder Reserve Rhino Toe (RRR006)

Blades: 2.

Closed Length: 3.80”.

Open Length: 7.70".

Width: .50". 

Handle Material: Blue Denim Micarta.

Handle Length: 1.95”. 

Blade Styles: Fat Wharncliffe, Short Spear Point.

Blade Material: D2 Tool Steel.

Blade Lengths: 2.95", 2.20".

Blade Finish: Satin. 

Pulls: Match Strike Pulls.

Half Stops: Yes. 

Designed In: China.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Not practical but awesome none the less

This is a great addition to my slip joint collection. It’s my first RRR and I have to say the quality is not much less than my GECs or Case folders. Way more than I expected at that price point. I ordered an elephants toe as well which was not nearly as nice as the RRR. The ET was on par with what I expected quality wise and as I’ve seen others describe. Also, the service from C. Risner was as excellent as I’ve received in the past. I’m a sucker for inspected blades pre shipping and stickers.

Long Nguy
Excellent Chonky Knife

If you're looking for a larger sunfish esque of knife, this is it. I'd say the pulls are between a 5 and 6. Both blades are snappy and there are no gaps on the back. Super happy with this purchase. Only nit pick would be the slight difficulty sharpening the heal of the main blade. You can do it, just not in the traditional manner. Highly recommend this RRR!