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Rough Ryder Elephant Toe White Smooth Bone (RR139)

Blades: 2.

Closed Length: 3.875”.

Open Length: 8.6”. 

Width: .50". 

Handle Material: Smooth White Bone. 

Handle Length: 2.50”. 

Blade Styles: Spear, Pen. 

Blade Material: 440A Stainless Steel.

Blade Lengths: 3.00”, 2.50”. 

Blade Finish: Polished. 

Pulls: Match Strike Pulls.

Half Stops: No. 

Designed In: China.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Wesley Byerly

Very happy with this knife!

CT from CT
Awesome Knife

I own several knives in the $20 range and I usually know what to expect, and judge them thusly, not against more expensive pieces. This knife will exceed any and all expectations you might have in a low-cost knife. First and foremost it’s an excellent though rare pattern—when it comes to Sunfish/Elephant Toenails your only choices are very expensive/vintage, or super cheap. This is my first Rough Ryder and won’t be my last. The tolerances and fit and finish are top-notch and they could charge a lot more for this knife. Only thing to note (again, this is a $20 knife, so I’m not complaining) is that the action was super gritty and tight. It required several rounds of pivot oil and 100s of openings and closings to get it working smoothly. If you’re on the fence, just go for it, you won’t regret it!

Mat Turckel
One of my favorites

Great knife, quality construction, great value for the money, fit and finish is first class. Thank you!

Elephant Toe

Solid knife. Definitely expected RR quality. Only “flaws” are slight gaps when open and held to a light, but the knife is definitely built solid and will last. Love being able to try out traditional patterns at an easy cost.

Mel Cajon
Value and Style!

I haven’t owned a traditional pocket knife in decades (all my other knives are locking, assisted, or fixed blades), but the Elephant Toe had such a distinctive style I had to have it. Well made, great value, solid heft, and a lot larger than I initially thought. I give it a ‘10’.