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Great Eastern Cutlery #89 Stainless Fruit Knife Set of Three Stickers

High quality, vinyl printed stickers.

3" x 2".

Only available at C. Risner Cutlery!

All sticker sales are final.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

The LemonBrite sticker is going on my Duramax. These are high- quality and durable.

Christopher B.
Perfect Set

Pure badassery in sticker form! I bought this sticker set and one of each cover option of the 89 fruit knife. I kept one for myself and gave the other two to a couple friends and we each got a sticker to match our knife. That’s awesome! Austin is basically a sticker wizard! Cons? Only one... WHERE IS MY HOT SAUCE STICKER!?!? Come on man make it happen! The people demand it!

Hector M.
Great eastern Cutlery collectibles

Great eastern cutlery is one of my favorite companies to buy pocket knives from and it’s nice to not only have buttons to go with the knives it’s great to be able to buy stickers of the knives that I buy that I believe will become collectible just like the knifes and the buttons. And stickers at giveaway prices. And traditional pocket knives is one of my favorite knife companies to buy my knives from Hector