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C. Risner Cutlery "Traditional Hot Sauce" Mango Habanero

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A sweet and spicy kick with a splash of fresh mango to balance out the habanero that turns any dish into a delicious masterpiece!

Brand: C. Risner Cutlery "Traditional Hot Sauce" Mango Habanero.

Pepper: Habanero.

Heat: 5.5/10.

Flavor: Sweet and Spicy.

Weight: 5oz.

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Customer Reviews

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Very flavorful, sweeter, milder (comparatively)

I love the Traditional XX Hot Sauce, which has Habanero and Ghost peppers, and is more challenging. This Mango hot sauce is a sweeter affair, with Habanero. It has some kick to it, but much less than the XX. Perfect complement, according to mood and what you want to put it on. Super flavorful, wonderful stuff.

Mr. De La Cruz 559
Awesome Mango Hot Sauce

This hot sauce is a winner! A great raitio of sweetness & heat. Great on everything you normally put hot sauce on.