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Cooper Cutlery / New Schatt&Morgan Cutlery

Published 10/07/2021

From Austin, C. Risner Cutlery /

Yesterday afternoon, I took a trip down to Winchester, Ohio to meet with the new owner of Schatt&Morgan Cutlery, Gilbert Cooper. Mr. Cooper owns Cooper Cutlery who some of you may know as the company who purchased the Queen Cutlery machines and tools from the old Queen Cutlery factory in Titusville, PA. I also met with several of his employees who were all very wonderful and knife knowledgeable people. 

Mr. Cooper has released his first trial run of knives which are known as the Weed & Co. cutlery line. Mr. Cooper informed me that he wanted to use the Weed & Co. cutlery line as a cutlery line to learn from before making and perfecting the Schatt&Morgan Cutlery line along with many other cutlery brands he owns. 

Mr. Cooper expressed to me that he and his employees are well aware the Schatt&Morgan Cutlery line needs to be GEC quality or better, and nothing less is acceptable. 

The new line of Schatt&Morgan Cutlery will consist of 1095 carbon steel blades with smooth bone and/or jigged bone handle materials. The knives will all be hand made, hand pinned, and hand sharpened in Winchester, Ohio, USA! The knives will be released with a box containing the new Schatt&Morgan Cutlery sticker label. It was great to see a preview of the new Schatt&Morgan Cutlery knives being made!

There is a lot of false information out there regarding what I have just mentioned. The information I have just listed, was learned from my personal visit to Cooper Cutlery. If anyone has questions regarding the new Schatt&Morgan Cutlery line or any new cutlery line by Cooper Cutlery, please contact me anytime and I will answer your questions. 

I will be releasing the Weed & Co. cutlery line in a few days along with the GEC release. I will post more release details soon in a separate post. 

You have my word that the new Schatt&Morgan Cutlery line will be a high quality, premium line of USA made knives in which the brand once was and should have always been. 

Thank you! -Austin, C. Risner Cutlery / 937-903-6317.