Great Eastern Cutlery Email Entry Lottery Page

GEC #892121 Stainless Fruit Knife Stabilized Antique Chestnut Wood

Price: $120.

Email entry date: 05/06/2021.

Email entry time: Starts 8:00PM ET - Ends 8:30PM ET. 

Enter email once into each knife release, double IP address entries per knife release will be deleted.

Welcome to C. Risner Cutlery! We set out to be fair to everyone! GEC releases will now be released via email lottery. We are trying our best to satisfy the high demand for GEC knives lately. We have completely rearranged our site and email system to accommodate GEC customers. If this process goes well, we will continue; if not, we will revert back to date and time site releases. 

It’s simple! Once the knife entry countdown strikes all zeros, the email submission form will appear. Submit your name and email information once into the email submission form. The site will only allow one email entry. When you submit your email, we will be able to see your name, email, and IP address information. If multiple ip address entries are found, they will altogether be deleted from the list. After a successful entry, we will do the rest! 

The app which we have purchased to accommodate the email entries will form a numbered list of all entries. The app will randomly choose the winners. The winners will receive an invoice via email within 24 hours. The invoice will be available for 24 hours. If the invoice is not paid within the 24 hours, the invoice will become invalid and another winner will be chosen. 

Enter email only once into each knife release! Multiple IP addresses per knife release will be deleted and removed from list.

Thank you!

GEC #892121 Stainless Fruit Knife Stabilized Antique Chestnut Wood